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Notable Sorors of Eta Nu Sigma 

Sisters Share Your Success 

Soror Taniqua Hunter 

Why is Soror Hunter so Great? 

Soror Hunter.png

ACCES-VR, Adult Career & Continuing Education Services is an agency housed in the New York State Education Department whose goal is to prepare and support individuals with disabilities in finding gainful employment. Acces -VR is focused on the Queens business community to help people find job. Their mission is to actively connect with employers to support their hiring needs and expand their pool of viable talent. Taniqua L. Hunter is a Local Workforce Development and Business Relations Representative in the Queens District Office and was nominated to receive recognition awards for her dedication to making interviews more accessible, providing reasonable accommodations, increasing hiring, providing supportive onboarding practices, and fostering career advancement.

Soror Carlotta Pope

Why is Soror Pope so Great? 

Soror Pope.png

Over 200 educators from across New York City in collaboration with Educators for Excellence-New York hosted a town-hall style event with New York City Department of Education Chancellor Richard Carranza about the needed change within our educational system. Chancellor Carranza humbly met with educators about his vision for NYC public schools and his intended initiatives to desegregate schools under his leadership. The evening started with an intimate brief private “Q & A” session with leaders where the Chancellor gave insight on how he hopes to achieve change. E4E-New York Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Evan Stone, gave opening words while introducing Chancellor Carranza who Evan Stone, Educators for Excellence Co-Founder and Co-CEO, introducing Chancellor Carranza and two teacher leaders and moderators for the evening, Dan Gannon and Carlotta Pope. The conversation focused around the topic of equity and desegregation while also addressing questions submitted by educators from NYC before and during the evening. The evening was filled with remarkable moments as individuals from across NYC gathered for the one common goal of uplifting the voice of educators on the issues that are most impactful to them. Carlotta Pope was also recently nominated to be a recipient of the NYC Big Apple recognition award where she will sit on a lead teacher advisory board for NYC department of education. 

Soror Tiffany Davis-Nealy

Why is Soror Davis-Nealy so Great? 


Tiffany Davis- Nealy has been chosen as one of 25 Principals from across the NYC Department of education to serve on a Principal Advisory. This advisory will meet regularly with the Chancellor and Deputy Chancellors to consult on DOE policies, procedures, and protocols.  Tiffany is very excited about this opportunity. She would like for all her Sorors in education to feel free to reach out to her in sharing your ideas about how to make our schools better for children, especially children of color. Tiffany has also been nominated to apply for membership in the Cahn Fellows Program for Distinguished Principals at Teachers College, Columbia University because of her impactful leadership.  

Soror Nashira Layde

Why is Soror Layde so Great? 


Nashira Washington Layade is SVP, Chief Information Security Officer for Realogy Holdings Corp. The company elevated the CISO role to an SVP level when Layade arrived.  She has a team of 33. Five of them are women that are responsible for the information security and privacy of 12,000 employees and 55,000+ agents. This year they became a sponsor of the Executive Women's Forum. Nashira is very vocal with both her team and HR about the interest in hiring from a diverse candidate base, with a specific emphasis on women. She is all about encouraging women, supporting them, and pushing them to reach their maximum potential and beyond. Regulatory and technology perspectives are strengths of Nashira’s.  In her opinion, being a CISO is all about risk management. The board is expecting her to manage cyber and information risk. It is important for Nashira to be seen as a partner to the business. Often, security is the voice of "No," which is the roadblock. She takes the time to listen before she acts.

Soror Dana Caraballo

Why is Soror Caraballo so Great? 


Dana Caraballo is a certified rehabilitation counselor and licensed mental health counselor. She started her career by working for Project Outreach in Richmond Hill, Queens, NY, an organization that inspired adolescents, adults, and families to achieve unlimited potential through high-quality, evidence-based substance abuse treatment and Credentialed Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC) training programs. Dana was nominated this past Fall for the Julio Martinez Scholarship in which she received.  Dana earlier years began as she interned at Project Outreach and was later offered a part-time position as a vocational counselor. Three months later, she was offered a full-time position as a primary mental health counselor at Outreach House, a three to nine-month residential therapeutic community with a six-month aftercare program attached for adolescents 12-18 years old. Dana quickly demonstrated her ability to take on leadership roles and implement new ideas into the program. Within her first year, she received the Agency Gold Star, an award that recognizes employees who demonstrate a willingness to go above and beyond, offering support and guidance to those around them while remaining positive despite challenges.

Soror Dr. Allison David

Why is Soror David so Great? 


Dr. Allison David is a Board-Certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist currently working at Maimonides Medical Center. Dr. David is the Associate Residency Program Director and Assistant Simulation Director for the OB/GYN department. She also functions as both a faculty and private provider, working alongside a host of skilled and amazing residents and mid-level practitioners. She gives comprehensive and sensitive care to the women of Brooklyn, NY.

Soror Natasha Mathis

Why is Soror Mathis so Great? 


Soror Natasha Mathis is a dedicated 8th Grade Mathematics Teacher at Brooklyn Scholars Charter School. She's worked tirelessly to make each scholar she has encountered develop a true understanding and appreciation towards Mathematics. She was recently recognized by the National Heritage Academies as a National Finalist for the 2017-2018 "Excellence in Teaching" Award. Her hard work has not gone unnoticed in which she has also been nominated for the 2019 Norwegian Cruise Line's "Giving Award" Contest as an educator who demonstrates a passion for spreading the joy of learning.

When she is not educating the youth with formulas and theories, she takes each opportunity to enlighten her scholars about her beloved sorority and the eight other historically black fraternities and sororities of the National Pan-Hellenic Council. Soror Natasha Mathis uses every interaction with her scholars as a teaching moment. A teachers' job is never done.

Soror Amoy Barnes

Why is Soror Barnes so Great? 


Amoy Barnes is running for Staten Island City Council in 2021.

Amoy Barnes said she plans to campaign on bringing more “equity” to the North Shore, focusing on fixing its challenged infrastructure, addressing job development, improving schools, and providing the district with more transportation alternatives, such as a network of fast ferries.

Amoy currently works for the city Department of Education, running a center that promotes college access and professional development for students with delayed learning skills and disabilities. She says her work for the mayor’s office has already shown she can deliver for Staten Island and its residents on the issues that matter to them. “My role was to know the politics and to know the people,” said Barnes, who immigrated from Jamaica to Tompkinsville with her mom when she was 4 years old. Amoy Barnes previously served as Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Staten Island community affairs liaison.

Soror Morlena T. Robinson

Why is Soror Robinson so Great? 


Morlena T. Robinson a member of the New York Academy of Public Education

Morlena T. Robinson was inducted into New York Academy of Public Education in October 2019. The New York Academy of Public Education was established in 1912. The leaders of this professional honorary organization focus on its primary efforts on the advancement and progress of urban education. The Academy successfully provides a common forum and meeting ground in fostering educational activities between the professional community and the public-at-large. One hundred years later our primary efforts remain the same.

Soror Tiffany Davis-Nealy

Why is Soror Davis-Nealy so Great? 


Tiffany Davis- Nealy chosen to serve on the Chancellor 's Principal Cabinet.

Tiffany Davis-Nealy was chosen to be a member of the Department of Education Chancellor 's Principal Cabinet.  She currently serves as the principal at Edith K. Bergtraum Elementary School (25Q165) PreK-5. The inaugural cabinet includes principals who were selected from nominations from each Borough/Citywide Office (BCO), as well as District 75, and from the Council of School Supervisors and Administrators (CSA). The nominees represent the rich diversity of our schools—geographically, by grade level, school size, programs, and student population. The distinguished group of principals will advise the Chancellor directly every month.

Soror Boyce

Why is Soror Boyce so Great? 


Roshawn Boyce was featured in John Jay’s College of Criminal Justice highlighting her passion for social activism. Roshawn a 1995 graduated shined her light on being a natural born advocate. During her time spent at John Jay, Roshawn protested against budget cuts and tuition hikes. Roshawn has also took part in student sit-ins and marches down 59th Street. She credits the experience with kicking her advocacy gene into high gear. John Jay is where she discovered her passion for social justice. It’s where she learned that you have to fight for what’s right.”

Roshawn currently works in Human Resources for the New York City Department of Education and while that takes up much of her time, Roshawn still finds ways to advocate on behalf of others.

Serving as a Member-at-Large at the NAACP’s Brooklyn branch, Boyce has helped train the group’s youngest members—teaching them how to engage with communities, and run their elections, committees, and education programs. She also had an integral role in mobilizing NAACP members after the death of Trayvon Martin.

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